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India(Bharat) has Emrged as the biggest growing market of the world. All the Big brands of world are rushing towards Bharat. It reminds us of East India Company. We have to be careful towards their shtort and long term goals. At the same time wehave to take care of our Bhartiya Brands. All of us are Rashtrapremi we love our nation and its products. But the cost of Pure (Shuddha) products are more than the cost of other similar Ghatiya products. The great leader of swatantra Bharat Shri Rajeev Dixit ji has produced a number of Shuddh Desi products to avoide many dieses like Heart Attack, Cancer and so on....Through this web site we are giving one plateform to all Swadeshi Products.Please help Bharat in its devfelopment by purchasing Real products it will save you from many dengerous dieseases..... 

Through this web site we are trying to help Swadeshi products in a unique way. The pruchacer can make their group and the first person will get benifit of group purchacing. In this way a customer will be getting benifit of discounts and he will be getting pure products on lesser prise. By using Desi Gou Maata ka Ghee the user will get saved from many dieses.

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